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Weddings at the Ocean House

Gentle ocean waves whisper the songs of Cupid, and the fresh coastal breeze dances through the air.

At the Ocean House, the vast Atlantic accompanies you through every moment of your wedding day. Intertwine arms with a loved one, stare into the eyes of your beloved, and take the slow walk down the aisle. Bury your feet in the warm sand, recite the verses of your heart and take into your hands the hands you will hold on to for years to come. At the Ocean House, this is your moment- cherish it; it will last an eternity.

The Ocean House is romance, and your wedding day will be a testament of your love brought to life with our stunning panoramic ocean views, Watch Hill’s quaint seaside setting, and the hotel’s refined Victorian inspired property and plush interiors.

With the help of our wedding experts, your dreams will unravel as they become reality, creating the memories which will last you and those closest to you, a lifetime. At the Ocean House we value each couple; yours will be our sole wedding on that day. We do not settle for anything but perfection, and no detail is too small to overlook.

Let us create magic from your ideas, and place you under our spell.